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 Dr.Sunil Kumar Aggarwal is a physician-scientist and medical geographer. His mission is showcasing the science of the cannabinergic power of Cannabis hempflowers and its implications for health and society.

Cannabinergy is in fact the scientific basis for usage and application of all cannabinoid medicines today.

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Dr.Sunil Kumar Aggarwal’s goal is to translate the current and new scientific discoveries of this 37-million year old plant so that a broader section of the world’s societies will have an opportunity to discern myth from fact.

Intoxication: The Fourth Human Drive
Dr.Cannabinergy, Sunil Kumar Aggarwal, MD, PhD on Human Intoxication

Dr.Cannabinergy, Sunil Kumar Aggarwal, MD, PhD on Human IntoxicationDrug-taking is a normal and ordinary aspect of human culture that has appeared universally cross-culturally and throughout recorded history and prehistory

Drug-taking is a normal and ordinary aspect of human culture that has appeared universally cross-culturally and throughout recorded history and prehistory.

Allow me to quote from a manuscript by a Canadian drug policy analyst that is about the debunked mythology of the Marijuana Gateway:  "....The need to explore human consciousness is as vital as the need to eat or sleep. Since time immemorial and until the end of time, humans have been, and will be, using drugs or plants that seem to facilitate interesting or productive explorations..."

Some psychopharmacologists have described this acquired human drive to psychoactivate as “the fourth drive.”

The ‘war on drugs’ or ‘drug abuse prevention and control’ is therefore more appropriately seen as a low-grade, persistent, prisoner-taking war on the acquired human drive to psychoactivate....

...........We also need to learn to accept the reality that mental health is as important as physical health. The Vedas are believed to be among the oldest, if not the oldest, religious scriptures extant. One of them, the Rig Veda, specifically focuses on the worship of a psycho-active substance that opens the doors to intense spiritual experience. A number of other scriptures, from various religions, seem to cover the same ground, although usually in a more disguised form. Even the Bible has numerous entries that could plausibly be references to cannabis and powerful psychedelics...........

Who's Who in Medical Cannabis
Dr. Tod Mikuriya and Dr.Cannabinergy, Sunil Kumar Aggarwal Groovin to Tod's Songs About Cannabis

The Original and The Future; Dr. Tod Mikuriya and Dr.Cannabinergy, Sunil Kumar Aggarwal Groovin to Dr.Tod

Who's Who in Medical Cannabis -Sunil K Aggarwal, MD, PhD

Dr Aggarwal is one of the most effective medical cannabis proponents few people outside the Seattle area have ever heard of.

When medical student Sunil K. Aggarwal convinced the UW chapter of the medical student group of the AMA to support a resolution he had written in support of rescheduling cannabis, he presented the idea and his research to the American Medical Association (AMA) at its annual meeting in 2008. The organization agreed to study the issue for a year.

At its 2009 meeting, the country’s largest physicians’ organization formally adopted a policy urging the federal government to reclassify, or “reschedule,” cannabis.

Inverting Monopoly on Cannabis
Dr.Cannabinergy, Sunil Kumar Aggarwal Breaking Down the Facts

Dr.Cannabinergy, Sunil Kumar Aggarwal Breaking Down the FactsCannabis for the Good of the Commons

To the Value of Experiencing a Cannabis-Revitalized Commons Wealth With:

1. Global Planting of Cannabis Freely, Zoned Wisely, Utilized and Consumed Locally

 2. Shared Development of the Provision of a Valuable Medicinal Plant, Relaxant, and Green Economic Material

 3. Proliferation of Herbal Cannabinergic Yoga Studios and Safe Community Spaces: Healthy and Peaceful Spaces for Personal, Collective, and  Freely Chosen Cannabinergic Mind-Body Activation

Because to ‘go green’ means to evaluate our judgment of all Earthly wonders and all manners and species of life...



In An Age of Dangerous Substances
Dr.Cannabinergy, Sunil Kumar Aggarwal, MD, PhD, Sharing With the PSR Group

Dr.Cannabinergy, Sunil Kumar Aggarwal, MD, PhD

“The Drug War has arguably been the single most devastating, dysfunctional social policy since slavery.”

--Chief Norm Stamper, Seattle Police Dept. (ret.)

The template of the "War on Drugs" is what rules our society -- certainly it rules our foreign policy.

Over a million forgotten individuals are incarcerated for drugs in the United States today.

I submit to you that all such drug prisoners are really prisoners of war and in fact are political prisoners of a massively violent, inhumane, misguided, and misinformed policy implemented by a drug-industrial complex that has gone virtually unchallenged for decades.

Cannabinergic Synthesis
Dr.Cannabinergy Emboodying Cannabinated States of Mind

Dr.Cannabinergy Emboodying Cannabinated States of Mind

Geographers and political ecologists of health and well-being, in their pursuit of a richer and more contextualized understanding of health, must be willing and able to address embodied experiences of ecstasy, pleasure, and relief, as well as the impact that such lived experiences have on general health, well-being, and happiness.

Thus, I shall begin with myself—my own descriptions of my experiences—as I attempt to sketch the contours of a political ecology of health and violence approach to the embodied experiences of cannabinated states and their policing.

In this essay, I seek to contribute to the greater understanding of embodied experiences of pleasure and relief, and of fear and suffering, as they relate to political ecologies of well-being and structural violence. In particular, I will focus on the pleasure/relief experienced in the embodiment of cannabinated states, which arise metabolically and pharmacologically as a result of cannabis flower consumption, and on the fear/suffering embodied when individual cannabis consumption geographies articulate with the modern, global public health disciplinary regimes of Cannabis Abuse mental disorder prevention and control (prohibition).

Cannabinergy – An Essential Force of Nature

A Personal Declaration
Sunil Kumar Aggarwal, MD, PhD,
Physician-Scientist and Medical Geographer

Greetings !

Please let me share with you some of my thoughts and understandings regarding the phenomenon of Cannabinergy and its discovery out of Cannabis science. When one studies the science of Cannabis, it is imperative to approach it from a holistic point of view. The rich ecosystem of Cannabis extends beyond “Science”, as traditionally understood, and into the the realm of Human-Plant relations.

This is why I communicate from my dual role as a physician and medical geographer, for without the cultural and geographic context, we will not be successful in availing the remarkable gifts Cannabis has to offer. Cannabis is easily the most ubiquitous, yet at the same time, most misunderstood, 37-million year old plant in existence today.  It goes by many names, such as Hemp, Reefer, Mari(h/j)una, Pot, Maryjane, Ganja, Chronic, Weed, Bud, and Herb, to name but a few.

But do not let this confuse you; it is indeed all one plant.

   Cannabinergy Continued….

Dr.Cannabinergy, Sunil Kumar Aggarwal, MD, PhD, Physician-Scientist and Medical Geographer

Dr. Sunil Kumar Aggarwal, MD, PhD,
Physician-Scientist and Medical Geographer

May 2014


Dr,Cannabinergy, Sunil Kumar Aggarwal MD, PhD, Physician-Scientist and Medical Geographer  Coming Soon….Ask Your Questions and Talk to  Dr.Sunil Kumar Aggarwal Live !

To have a copy for your own Library, please read and download the paper here:

Cannabis in Palliative Care



Dr. Sunil Kumar Aggarwal

This is the facebook page of Sunil Kumar Aggarwal PhD, MD, Physician-Scientist and Medical Geographer. This site showcases my body of work. The Cannabis Hemp Plant was revered by many ancient civilizations, as far back as the 10th century (BCE), for its many unique properties. Sadly, the global war on drugs has maligned and demonized the Cannabis/Hemp Plant and our societal progress has been thwarted on so many levels because of this. Here in the United States, the first federal level of prohibition was put into place in 1937. But surprisingly, it was the State of Massachusetts that enacted the first state-wide prohibition law in 1911 that criminalized the possession and cultivation of hemp. Please take the time to explore and examine this repository. The deep historical factual information and broad-based examination will hopefully enrich and inspire.
Dr. Sunil Kumar Aggarwal
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Dr. Sunil Kumar Aggarwal-2014 NY Cannabis Rally: http://t.co/TzgrSLPBCH via @YouTube
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With High Times' Richard Cusick, medical student extraordinaire Joji Kojima, and little Eeshan http://t.co/NsDSHEipc3
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New York Marijuana Reform: A Chronic Issue for 70 Years | LiveScience http://t.co/03rLzrOwQf
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Dr. Sunil Kumar AggarwalMay 2, 2014 8:07 pm
Kafka would be impressed:This Family Of Medical Marijuana Patients Could Go To Prison For Growing Pot http://t.co/ktiuSGZdb7 v @HuffPostPol
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