Cannabinergy Definition


Pronunciation: CANNA–BIN–ERGY

Cannabinergy is an essential mode of signaling and pharmacological activity in order to effectuate inter-cellular communication in multi-cellular organisms.

Cannabinergy is in fact the scientific basis for the usage of all cannabinoid medicines today.

* The Phenomenon of Hempen Cannabinergy

Hempen‘ is the adjectival form of ‘Hemp‘, the oldest English word for Cannabis plants.

Cannabis plants are the only known botanicals to robustly produce secondary metabolites known as cannabinoids in their essential oils.

Cannabinoids, classically 21-carbon terpenophenolics, have medically important receptor-based pharmacological activities in humans chiefly mediated by the molecular signaling network known as the endogenous cannabinoid system, which is found ubiquitously throughout the body.

Excerpt “Doctoral Dissertation” by Sunil Kumar Aggarwal