Dr.Cannabinergy Presenting Cannabis Science Knowledge
Dr.Cannabinergy Presenting Timely and Enlivening Cannabis Science Knowledge

Dr.Sunil Kumar Aggarwal’s

Public Presentations


Invited Speaker at Northwest Pharmacy Convention, organized by Washington State Pharmacy Association. Topic: ―Pharmacies‘ and Pharmacists‘ Roles After Marijuana Rescheduling: Facilitating Cannabinergic Medicine Research and Practice.‖ Coeur d‘Alene, ID. June 4, 2011.

Oral Presentation in Symposium on ―Cannabinoid Medicine: Discovery, Evolution, and Status in 2011‖ at164th Annual Meeting of the American PsychiatricAssociation. Topic: ―Cannabis: A Commonwealth Medicinal Plant, Long Suppressed, Now at Risk of Monopolization.‖ Honolulu, HI. May 18, 2011.

Invited Presenter for Neuromuscular Update Course on ―And Now For Something
Completely Different: Alternative and Rehabilitative Approaches to Managing
Neuromuscular Disease‖ focusing on the role of cannabis-based treatments in the
management of neuromuscular disorders at the 58th Annual Meeting of the
American Association of Neuromuscular and Electrodiagnostic Medicine, San
Francisco, CA September 16, 2011.

Invited Panelist for Q and A panel moderated by Brendan Kiley of The Stranger
following event ―Addicted to Failure: US Drug War Policy in the Americas‖
featuring Sanho Tree, Director of the Drug Policy Project at The Institute for Policy
Studies, presented by Witness for Peace Northwest. April 21, 2011, Seattle Town

Invited Speaker at Cannabis College, community education class held by Cannabis
Defense Coalition. Topic: ―Thirty two ounces for therapy in ’07 – ’08 in urban
Washington State: the local health value‖ Seattle, WA. 3/17/11.

Invited Didactic Presentation to the University of Washington Pain Medicine
Fellowship, ―Medical Cannabis: Questions and Answers‖, 9/14/10.

Invited Presentation at 2010 Smoke Farm Symposium: The World That Pretended
to Be What it Was, ―Celebrating the Therapeutic Commons: Accepted Medical
Uses of Cannabis, Psilocybin, and Other Schedule I Substances‖, 9/11/10,
Arlington, WA.

Invited Expert Witness for Oregon Citizen‘s Initiative Review of Ballot Measure
74, the Oregon Regulated Medical Marijuana Supply System Act. Supportive
statement by Panel Majority appeared in Oregon Voter Pamphlet distributed
statewide to all voting households. Salem, OR, 8/17/10.

Medical Cannabis Community Reportback, with Dr. Michelle Sexton, Dunshee
House, 6/14/10.

Invited Presenter at Bastyr University Symposium: Psychedelic medicines and their
current researched clinical applications, ―The AMA on marijuana, 73 years ago and
today. From psychotherapeutic surfacing of the unconscious to cannabinoid-based
relief of neuropathic pain‖, Kenmore, WA, 6/9/10.

Chief Petitioner with Cannabis Defense Coalition to add ‗neuropathic pain‘ to the
list of qualifying conditions under Washington State Medical Marijuana Law;
presentation to Washington State Medical Quality Assurance Commission panel;
Tumwater, WA, 6/2/10.

Invited Speaker at Bastyr University Brown Bag Presentation on ‗Role of
Naturopaths in Medical Marijuana Treatment in Washington State‘, with Dr.
Michelle Sexton and Cannabis Defense Coalition, Kenmore, WA, 5/24/10.

Invited ―front row expert‖ at Seattle Speaks: Marijuana Policy @ Town Hall Wed,
May 19, 2010, 6:00pm – 8:30pm

Moderator and Organizer for Two Panels at UW‘s War and Global Health / 8th
Annual Western Regional International Health Conference. ―UW Global Health
Seminar: Expanding the Definition of War‖ (4/23/10) and ―Low-Intensity Conflicts
in the Drug War‖ (4/24/10).

Invited Speaker at 6th National Clinical Conference on Cannabis Therapeutics.
Topic: ―Geographic Snapshots of Medical Cannabis Access and Delivery in
Washington State.‖ 4/16/10. (Continuing Medical and Nursing Education

Invited Speaker at University of Denver Law School hour-long debate with GW
Pharmaceuticals Legal Representative on ―Medical Marijuana: Medicinal Value,
Harms, and Effects.‖ 4/5/10.

Invited Speaker at UW Pain Medicine Seminar. Topic: ―Cannabis-Based
Management of Neuropathic Pain: Evidence, Rationale, and Clinical Reality in
Cannabinoid Medicine.‖ 3/23/10.

Invited Speaker at Cannabis College, community education class held by Cannabis
Defense Coalition. Topic: ―Biochemistry of Cannabinoid Medicine.‖ 4/1/10.

Invited Panelist at Community Forum entitled ―Curious About Cannabis‖ with
Washington State Senator Jeanne Kohl-Welles. Sponsored by Grammas for Ganja.

Invited Speaker at 2009 National Association of Boards of Pharmacy Annual
Symposium. Topic: ―Is the Time Right for Medical Marijuana: Are These Medical
Miracles?‖ 12/3/10. (Continuing Pharmacy Education Accredited).

Invited guest on WORT 89.9FM Community Radio Station: Madison, Wisconsin,
on ―A Public Affair‖ on Medical Marijuana, with host Stacy Harbaugh. 12/14/10.

Invited Student Presenter at UW Global Health Journal Club (faculty moderator:
Dr. Paula Brentlinger) on ―Health and Human Rights in the US-led Global War on
Drugs.‖ 1/13/10.

Invited Speaker at Hempsters: Plant the Seed — The University Tour – University of
Washington Movie Screening. 1/15/10.

Invited public testimony given to Iowa Board of Pharmacy regarding medical
cannabis science and clinical practice, 8/19/09.

The medical geography of cannabinoid botanicals in Washington State: Access,
delivery, and distress.‖ Accepted for Oral Presentation at 2009 National
Conference for Physician Scholars in the Social Sciences and Humanities.
Philadelphia, PA. 3/29/09.

Invited speaker at UW Department of Rehabilitation Medicine Research Seminar.
Topic: ―Cannabinoid Botanicals for the Management of Chronic Pain and Illness:
Access, Delivery, and Distress in Two Convenience Samples of Qualifying Patients
in Washington State.‖ 3/23/09.

Invited speaker at UW Student Public Health Association Brown Bag Seminar.
Topic: Ph.D. dissertation research. 11/19/08.

Invited speaker on panels at 2008 Seattle Hempfest Hemposium entitled ―State of
the State: Washington Medical Marijuana Law‖, ―Ask Your Doctor If Medical
Marijuana Is Right For You‖, ―Cannabis and Spiritual Freedom.‖ 8/16-17/08.

Medical Geographic Perspectives of the U.S. War on Drugs and Public Health.‖
Invited speaker for class session of GEOGRAPHY 280: Introduction to the
Geography of Health and Health Care. Co-presented with Dominic Corva, Ph.D.,

Invited guest NORML‘s Daily Audio Stash: The Growing Truth About Cannabis
Podcast. Topic: Medical Students and Medical Marijuana. 7/17/08.

Invited guest on the FM 89.5 KOPN Community Radio in Columbia, MO. ―Sex,
Drugs, and Civil Liberties‖ with host Dan Viets. Topic: Medical Marijuana and the
AMA. 7/1/08.

Shedding Light On Unseen People: What the Candidates Should be Saying About
Immigration and Drug Policies‖, Invited Moderator and Panelist, Abe Keller Peace
Education Fund Annual Meeting, 4/9/08.

War as the continuation of healthcare by other means: the U.S. war on drugs and
the perversion of public health‖, UW Global Health Seminar co-presented with
Dominic Corva, Ph.C., 3/7/08.

Industrial Hemp.‖ Invited speaker for class session of LAW, SOCIETIES, AND
JUSTICE 380: ―Reefer Madness‖: Cannabis and Criminalization in the U.S.,

Marijuana and Medical Geography.‖ Invited Speaker for class session of LAW,
SOCIETIES, AND JUSTICE 380: ―Reefer Madness‖: Cannabis and
Criminalization in the U.S., 2/19/08.

Invited moderator for Wallingford Neighbors for Peace and Justice Meaningful
Movies Event Panel featuring King County Councilmember Larry Gossett
following screening of American Drug War: The Last White Hope, 11/9/07.

Medical Geographic Perspectives on the Drug War‖, Invited Speaker, Hosted by
the Cannabis Reform Union of Highline Community College, Des Moines, WA,

Presented Public Comment at all four statewide public workshops held by the
Washington Department of Health on medical marijuana 60-day supply rules and
safe and effective distribution systems rulemaking: Seattle (9/10/07), Spokane
(9/11/07), Vancouver (9/17/07), Yakima (9/19/07).

Medical Marijuana and Structural Violence.‖ Invited speaker for class session of
LAW, SOCIETIES, AND JUSTICE 375: Crime, Politics, and Justice, 10/23/07.

Invited Presentation at Seattle Hempfest Core Staff Retreat: ―Cannabis Use: Harm
Reduction and Benefit Maximization.‖ 10/20/07.

Invited guest on the AM 790 KGMI (largest AM radio station in Whatcom County,
Washington) ―The Joe Teehan Show‖. Topic: Medical Marijuana in Washington
State. 8/30/07.

Invited speaker on panels at 2007 Seattle Hempfest Hemposium entitled ―Cannabis
and Religious Freedom‖ and ―Ask Your Doctor If Medical Marijuana Is Right For
You.‖ 8/18-19/07.

Aggarwal, S. ―The Medical Geography of Medical Marijuana‖ UW Medical
Scientist Training Program Poster Session. 8/13/07.

Invited emcee for ―From Hiroshima to Hope 2007‖. Twenty-third annual Toro
Nagashi lantern floating event commemorating the 62nd remembrance of the
victims of the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and all victims of war
and violence. Greenlake, Seattle, WA. 8/6/07.

Drug War Structural Violence.‖ Invited Speaker for class session of LAW,
SOCIETIES, AND JUSTICE 375: Crime, Politics, and Justice, 6/28/07.

Learning About Medical Marijuana as a Medical Student in a Medical Marijuana
State.‖ Symposium in Exile, June 23, 2007: Medical Marijuana: Myths, Facts &
Current Science, Chicago, IL. Presented by The Medical Marijuana Policy
Advocacy Project (MMPAP) in collaboration with Roosevelt University‘s Illinois
Consortium on Drug Policy, Students for Sensible Drug Policy (RU Chapter), and
the Drug Policy Alliance.

Invited presentation: ―The Medical Consequences of the Drug War: A Focus on
Violence‖ Hosted by Bastyr University Student Physicians for Social
Responsibility, 5/21/07.

The Political Ecology of Cannabinergic Botanical Medicine Access and Delivery:
Cost-Effectiveness and Death Penalty Apportionment for a Germplasm-Linked
Group of Qualifying Patients in Washington State.‖

Abstract Accepted for Poster Presentation at the 2007 MD/PhD Conference: Rethinking Health, Culture, and
Society: Physician-Scholars in the Social Sciences and Medical Humanities.
Chicago, IL. 4/21/07.

Abstract Accepted for Oral Presentation at 2007 Association of American
Geographers Annual Meeting: San Francisco, CA. 4/19/07. Same topic as above.
Invited speaker for Wallingford Neighbors for Peace and Justice Meaningful
Movies Event following screening of Waiting to Inhale: Marijuana, Medicine, and
the Law. 3/16/07.

The Medical Consequences of the Drug War: A Focus on Violence‖, Invited
Presentation at the 2007 National Student Physicians for Social Responsibility
Conference, Stanford University, 2/24/07.

Invited moderator for ―The War on Drugs: A Panel Discussion‖ featuring Former
Seattle Police Chief Norm Stamper, King County Councilmember Larry Gossett,
and King County Bar Association Drug Policy Project Deputy Director Rachel
Kurtz. Organized by the Student Physicians for Social Responsibility at UW.

The Impact of Global Warming Induced Mean Sea Level Rise on the Puget Sound
Costal Zone.‖ Co-presented final project in GEOGRAPHY 460: Geographic
Information Systems Analysis: A Coastal Perspective, Fall 2006, 12/6/06.

Invited speaker on ―Breaking State Monopolies on Botanical Medicines‖ at town
hall forum entitled ―Essential Medicines: Global Access, Global Responsibility‖
hosted by the UW student chapter of Americans for Informed Democracy, along
with Universities Allied for Essential Medicines at UW and AMSA UW
Premedical Chapter. 11/21/06.

Invited speaker on panel ―War, Health and Human Rights‖ in GEOGRAPHY 195:
Violence, Resistance & Lessons of Paul Farmer. 11/13/06.

Emergency Cross-Border Prison Extractions in the Americas: Global Health,
Structural Violence, and the Enforcement of Evidence-Denying Prohibitions on
Botanical Biota.‖ Invited talk part of the ‗Students Moving Mountains‘ Speakers
Series sponsored by the University of Washington Libraries and the Friends of the
UW Libraries, 11/2/06.

Invited speaker on sociomedical context of cannabis therapeutics at staff retreat of
Rosehedge: AIDS Housing & Health Care in Seattle, WA. 8/30/06.

Invited speaker on panel at 2006 Seattle Hempfest entitled ―Cannabis: A Holistic
Medicine‖, 8/19/06. Broadcast on SCANTV, Seattle Community Access Network.

Substance Abuse: A medical/legal problem.‖ Invited speaker for class session of
LAW, SOCIETIES, AND JUSTICE 375: Introduction to Criminal Justice, 6/26/06.

Resistance to the War on Drugs.‖ Invited speaker for class session of LAW,
SOCIETIES, AND JUSTICE 380: Contemporary Issues in Law, Societies, and
Justice: The War on Drugs and Globalization, 5/31/06.

Mental Health and Cannabis: Loose Ends.‖ Invited presentation at 2006 NORML
Conference in San Francisco, 4/21/06.

Invited member of panel ―Grass Roots to Grass Tops: Activists Effectively
Working Together At All Levels‖ at the 2006 National Organization for the
Reform of Marijuana Laws Conference in San Francisco, 4/20/06. Broadcast
nationally on C-SPAN Radio, 5/7/06, 10 AM (eastern).

Persecution of the Ill and Disabled who use Cannabis as Medicine – Health and
Human Rights Cases in the American-led ‗War on Marijuana‘‖; Written and
Presented for Health Services 590K/Law H540: Health and Human Rights, Winter
2006, 3/7/06.

Invited seminar discussion leader for GEOGRAPHY 580: Medical Geography
Graduate Seminar. Topic: ―Social Theory and Narrative in Medical Geography‖,

Presenter on ―Washington Physicians for Social Responsibility supports drug
policy reform‖ at King County Bar Association‘s Press Conference on ‗An Exit
Strategy from the War on Drugs.‘ Subsequently broadcast on Seattle Channel.

Presenter at press Conference on the costs of the Iraq War organized by Steve
Ludwig of S.N.O.W.: Sound Nonviolent Opponents of War. Theme: US siege on
Fallujah. 2/14/05.

Presented inaugural address at the 2004 Washington Physicians For Social
Responsibility Annual Dinner. Theme: ―Bringing In the Next Generation‖,

Developing a Depression Management System: A Small Follow-up Study.‖ UW
Medical Scientist Training Program Poster Session. 8/21/04.

Smoking, Nutrition, and Physical Activity: Do Physicians Have a Role to Play in
Modifying Patient Behaviors?‖ Group presentation for HUMAN BIOLOGY 555:
Medicine, Health, and Society: Discussions in Health Policy, Winter 2004, 1/27/04.

Of Malaria and Microsatellites: Geographically Tracking drug-resistant dhfr
alleles in Plasmodium Falciparum‖ Sibley Lab, UW Genome Sciences, 9/2/03.

Elicitation of antibiotics.‖ Presentation given at the Marine Bioproducts
Engineering Research Center Industrial Advisory Board Meeting. 8/6-7/01.

Before the Blizzard Came: the Rise and Fall of the 1890 Ghost Dance Religion.‖
Paper presented at 2001 American Academy of Religion Western Regional
Meeting. 3/11-13/01.

Medicinal chemistry internship final presentation. Tularik, Inc. 9/8/00.

Aggarwal S., DiPietro R., Allen R. Synthesis and evaluation of novel monomers
and polymers for 193nm lithography. Poster presentation given at IBM Almaden
Research Labs. A technical paper was submitted as part of the NSF GOALI grant
CHE9625628. 8/11/99.

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