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Aggarwal SK. Cannabinergic Pain Medicine:
A Concise Clinical Primer and Literature Review. Under Review.

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Aggarwal SK. ―Should the federal government reclassify or reschedule marijuana to make it available for use by prescription for pain management?

Yes! The Government Should Reclassify Marijuana.‖ Invited perspective for 30, 2009. Available at:

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Paper is referenced on pg. 175 of the Psychology introductory textbook, Discovering Psychology by Hockenbury, 5th ed., 2010, Macmillian.  The textbook is widely used in undergraduate and AP psychology courses.  The paper was also cited in The Medical Letter 52:1330, Jan. 25, 2010. This publication has a circulation of 450,000 in 125 countries.

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Contributing Author to definitions of ―Kwashiorkor‖, ―Malaria‖, ―Medical Geography‖, ―Political Ecology of Disease‖ in Meanings Beyond Mountains: A Glossary of Terms from the Work of Paul Farmer, edited by Dr. Matthew Sparke,as part of the 2006 UW Common Book Mountains Beyond Mountains Study Guide developed by the UW Center for Curriculum Transformation.

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