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Dr.Cannabinergy in Scientific Study with Dick Morrill
Dr.Cannabinergy on a Scientific Journey with Dick Morrill


Dr.Sunil Kumar Aggarwal
Science Work Experience


Medical geographic dissertation field research: retrospective and prospective studies involving 176 chronically and critically ill patients selected in two convenience samples–one from a rural pain clinic and the other from an urban cannabinoid botanical delivery clinic.

Title of project: The medical geography of cannabinoid botanicals in Washington State: Access, delivery, and distress.

Approvals secured from Doctoral Supervisory Committee, UW Human Subjects Division, and Certificates of Confidentiality issued by the NIH NCCAM (National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine), 2007-8. Dissertation successfully defended on 8/22/2008.

Shelved in the University of Washington Suzzallo library and available by open-access electronically through University of Michigan Dissertations Index.

Thus far, dissertation research has led to two peer-reviewed published articles.

Malaria drug-resistance research: Using microsatellite markers to geographically track drug-resistant dhfr alleles in P. Falciparum, Research Rotation, under Dr.Carol Sibley, University of Washington Genome Sciences Department, Summer 2003.

Medical geography, research rotation, under Dr. Jonathan Mayer, University of Washington Geography Department, Summer 2002.

Chemical neurobiology research: developing chemical tools to probe proteins involved in synaptic signaling in learning and memory, under Dr. Pamela England, University of California, San Francisco, Autumn 2001—Winter 2002.

Antibiotics discovery research project: elicitation of antibiotically-active secondary metabolites from co-cultured marine bacteria, University of Hawai‘i, Manoa, MarBEC/NSF Research Fellowship, under Dr. Thomas Hemscheidt, Honolulu, HI, Summer 2001.

Medicinal chemistry internship: hypercholesterolemia pharmaceuticals development, Tularik, Inc., under Dr. Sharon McKendry, San Francisco, CA, May-September 2000.

Polymer chemistry and photolithography research project: synthesis and evaluation of novel monomers and polymers for 193nm lithography, IBM Almaden Research Labs, NSF/IBM Research Fellowship, under Dr. Richard DiPietro, San Jose, CA, Summer 1999.

Bioorganic chemistry research project: synthesis of an unnatural amino acid, UC Berkeley, under Dr. Peter Schultz, Berkeley, CA, Summer 1998.

Bioinformatics research project: evolutionary history of phycobiliproteins based on sequential alignment, UC Berkeley, under Dr. Alexander Glazer, Berkeley, CA,Fall 1997.

Organic chemistry research project: retention time prediction in gas chromatography, Baylor University, High School Science Research Fellowship, under Dr. Charles Garner, Waco, TX, Summer 1996.


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