Drug War Wounded Victims

The 70+ year old international Drug War is fast becoming an antiquated policy that no longer reflects the body politic and/or the will of the people it is meant to serve. Their natural adversaries in this campaign, the Human Rights Activists who champion legalization of Cannabis/Marijuana, the number one misapplied “DRUG” within the international treaties governing drug offenses and drug arrests around the world. 

No More Drug War Please

No More War

Drug War Arrests

A Person Arrested Every 30 Seconds in America

World Court

World Court

Drug War Offenses

Drug Prohibition is a Human Rights VIolation

War Be Gone

War Be Gone, Revtialization

I invite you to engage in this emerging conversation, a conversation that explores the solutions to ending this cultivation of fear and oppression and creatively finds ways to cultivate a bounty for human health and well-being. Please share your story if this War on Drugs has had an impact on you, your loved ones, your friends and of course any member of your global family.

Dr,Cannabinergy, Sunil Kumar Aggarwal MD, PhD, Physician-Scientist and Medical Geographer

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